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Tea That Tastes Like Coffee

Prebiotic Coffee Alternative 

Say Hello to Roasted Roots Tea, made with premium roasted root herbs that taste like coffee. Roasted Roots Tea is caffeine free and naturally rich in gut-healthy prebiotic plant fiber. Now ANYONE can enjoy coffee's robust aroma and taste without any undesirable side effects ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

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Caffeine Free
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3.25 x 3.25 inches Rounded Corner RR Top-9.png
Prebiotic Inulin Fiber
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3.25 x 3.25 inches Rounded Corner RR Top-13.png
Supports Gut Health
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Authentic Flavor

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What Experts Are Saying 

Discover the health benefits of Roasted Roots Tea from health experts

Dr. Amun
Naturopathic Specialist

"I've been hooked on Roasted Roots Tea. The health benefits are amazing, and the taste is even better. I drink it every day, and I always have a cup at bedtime".


"Thank you Roasted Roots Tea for bringing the taste of coffee back into my life!!! Oh how I've missed you. The delicious taste but with amazing health benefits".


Dr. Amber Jackson

"So I'm a huge coffee lover but I find that I crash by the end of the day. I wanted a substitute that would give me the same great taste but without the crash. This tea, did exactly that! I have replaced my daily coffee with this and what’s even better is my kids love it! This is truly a game changer for me."

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