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Is Roasted Roots Coffee Alternative caffeine free?

Yes! Roasted Roots Caffeine is made using roasted root herbs that are completely caffeine free.


Can kids drink Roasted Roots?

Yes! Children can enjoy a cup of Roasted Roots Tea.


Is Roasted Roots Healthy?

Absolutely. Roasted Roots Tea is made using chicory root and barley which have tremendous digestive health benefits.


What are the ingredients

We use premium select barley and chicory root. That's it.


What are "Prebiotics" ?

Prebiotics are special plant fibers that feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. This makes helps to improve digestive health..


Whats the difference between prebiotics and probiotics

Both prebiotics and probiotics are good for your gut, but they work in different ways. Prebiotics are a source of food for the healthy bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are live yeasts and good bacteria that live in your body and are good for your digestive system. 

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