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Our favorite non-dairy creamer!

We love a great alternative here at Roasted Roots, so we thought we'd share our favorite non-dairy creamer with all of you. Since Roasted Roots Coffee Alternative was created by vegan foodie Shantelle from, having a vegan creamer has been essential.

Throughout the product development process we tried dozens and dozens of non-dairy creamers and Sown Organic Oat Creamer has won us over and become our favorite. It's unbelievably creamy consistency paired with the perfect amount of sweetness is amazing. They currently offer 3 flavors, Sweet & Creamy, Vanilla and Unsweetened. We love them all. Give them a try if you're looking for a good quality non-dairy creamer!

Have you tried Sown Organic Oat Creamer?

Let us know your favorite vegan creamer below?


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