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Created by founder Shantelle Gary after battling with an unhealthy addiction to coffee and the terrible energy highs and lows that came with it. She began experimenting with various roasted root herbal teas and finally came up with Roasted Roots Tea " Tea That Tastes Like Coffee."

Supporting local is at the top of the Roasted Roots Tea priority list and we proudly support local farmers and co-packers here in the United States of America.

The Timeline

2018 - The Concept Was Born

Shantelle came up with the concept of Roasted Roots Tea while having tea with a friend.

2020 - Packaging 

After several variations of packaging Shantelle decided to bag the tea in individual tea bags for convenience..

2018 - Research & Development

The home test kitchen started. Shantelle started hand-blending batches of tea.

2021 - Manufactuering

After searching for almost. a year for the right manufacture Roasted Roots Tea finally found the right fit.

2019 - Feedback

Shantelle hosted several tastings to get feedback. on taste and packaging ideas

2021 - Product Launch

After years of research and development, packaging and test runs Roasted Roots Tea was finally available to the public.

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